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TorqSoft develops software applications that are an aid to motorsport competitors and race engineers.
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TorqSoft Tuner Membership Options
FreeTuner"Works" Tuner
Piston Positionyes yes(2)yes(2)
Compression Ratioyes yesyes
Swept Volumeyes yesyes
Crankcase CRyes yesyes
BMEPyes yesyes
Squish Areayes yes (5)yes (5)
Squish Angleyesyesyes
Squish Velocityyes (1)yes (1)
Speedyes yes
Reed Petal Designyesyes
Reed Block Design yesyes
Reed Block Angle yesyes
Time Area - Exhaust yesyes (3)
Time Area - Transferyesyes (4)
Time Area - Inlet yesyes
Time Area - Disc Valve yes
Time Area - Disc Two yes
Helmholtz yes
Inlet Length yes
Transfer Layout yes
Inlet Silencer Design yes
Cylinder Head Design yes
Toroidal Head Design yes
Elastic Modulus yes(10)

TorqSoft Exhaust Design Membership Options
Exhaust "Semi Works" "Works" Exhaust
Exhaust Designeryesyes (6)yes (6)
Bend Templateyesyes (7a)yes (7a)
Bend Template Twoyes (7b)yes (7b)
Exhaust Design - Blairyes (8)yes (8)yes (8)
Exhaust Design - Torqsoftyes (9)
Silencer Designyes

TorqSoft Bonneville Membership
Power Requirementsyes

TorqSoft Port Flow Membership
Port Flow
Transfer Time FlowAreayes
Exhaust Time FlowAreayes

Notes -

(1) Can input positive and negative squish angles. Can calculate velocity for offset chambers.
(2) Can input gudgeon pin / crankshaft offset.
(3) Can input triangular, trapazoidal and mixed trapezoidal/rectangular shaped ports as well as conventional rectangular shaped ones. Can have a maximum of 4 exhaust ports.
(4) Can input trapazoidal and mixed trapezoidal/rectangular shaped ports as well as conventional rectangular shaped ones.
(5) Can input bathtub shaped combustion chambers.
(6) Can create dxf files for laser cutting as well as pdf files.
(7a) This programme allows you to create a dxf file with the templates for fabricating a bend.
(7b) As of (7a) but with the added feature of variable radius bends.
(8) This programme will design an exhaust system using the Blair Method. Please note though that the "Torqsoft Method" - as found in the works exhaust design membership - will design an exhaust that produces considerably more power.
(9) This programme will design unlimited championship level exhaust systems using the "Torqsoft Method". It will provide you with the cone dimensions that you may enter into the Exhaust Designer Programme for producing a PDF or DXF file of the Cone Templates to use for pipe fabrication. This is the actual programme we use to design customer pipes.
(10) Requires combined "works tuner" and "works exhaust designer" membership.