Exhaust Designer

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Exhaust Designer Programme

The Exhaust Designer Programme enables the user to design a two-stroke exhaust system with ease, then with one click of the mouse, create a pdf document in any of the common paper sizes (a4, a3, letter). Each page of this document contains the template for fabricating the exhaust system.

There has never been a better time to design and fabricate your own exhaust system due to the fact that the cost of a3 printers has significantly reduced in price over the last 3 years. However an a4 printer will surfice for templates that are too large for a page as the software will automatically print half the template.



For this example we are going to design an exhaust for a rs125 Honda gp racing motorcycle. First move to the engine box and enter 125 for capacity and 12000 for the engine speed. Tab down to the exhaust port box and enter 39 for diameter and 79 for length.

Next move to the section box and enter 6 for number of sections ( this pipe has a 3 stage diffuser ). Now enter 40 for diameter 1 of the first section. Using the mouse move across to diameter 2 and enter 50. Now tab down the diameter 2 column entering the numbers 70, 100, 120, 120 and 22. Tab to the length column and enter the numbers 189, 91,122,91,52 and 190.

Now hit the "Draw" button and the programme automatically draws a schematic of your exhaust design complete with dimensions. Also included are section angles plus pipe volume, volume ratio, header length and tuned length.

TorqSoft - Exhaust Designer Programme

Now select required paper size from the printer box. Enter 0.8 for the material thickness - i.e metal thickness. Hit the "Create PDF" button. A Dialog box will open asking whether you wish to open or save the pdf file.

TorqSoft - Exhaust Designer Programme

By selecting "Open" the pdf document will open, as shown below. After printing all the pages the document can be saved to your computer for future reference.

TorqSoft - Exhaust Designer PDF Document