Velocity/Engine Speed Programme - Honda Camino

The Velocity programme allows the user to either calculate the velocity at a given engine speed or calculate the engine speed for a given velocity for a Honda Camino .


Honda Camino - mid 70's model

Shown below is a mid 70's Honda Camino . This particular bike is 100 % original bar the fitment of a Torqsoft design exhaust system.

The design brief for this pipe was to obtain the same top speed as the std pipe - 50 km/hr - but to have better hill climbing ability, particularly on the steeper hills. The hill climbing velocity for the steep test hill increased from 16 mph(25 km/h) for the std pipe to 22 mph(35 km/h) with the new Torqsoft pipe.

TorqSoft - Std Honda Camino  with Torqsoft Designed Pipe

Shown below is the measured power(hp) vs road speed(mph) at the rear wheel for standard pipe vs Torqsoft pipe. The power has increased from 1.65 hp to 2.6 hp, an increase of 62 %. It can also be seen that the acceleration has improved considerably as has the overev power. At 30 mph(48 km/hr) the standard pipe gives 0.8 hp vs 1.45 hp for the Torqsoft pipe.

TorqSoft - Std Honda Camino  Dyno Test - Torqsoft Designed Pipe vs standard


Honda Camino - fuel consumption tests

The table below shows the measured fuel consumption - in both mpg (imperial) and l/100km - for a Honda Camino at different throttle settings. The test course was 30.4 km long over undulating terrain. Fully kitted inc helmet etc, the test rider weighed 77 kg.

The optimum throttle position was found to be 1/2 throttle, resulting in a fuel consumption of 1.85 l/100km (153 mpg imp).

Fuel Consumption Tests
Gearing MPG l/100km
1/2 throttleCVT1531.85
3/4 throttleCVT1441.96
full throttleCVT1362.07

The table below shows the Port Durations for this totally original engine. The cylinder has open transfers - of which there are two off. It is immediately apparent that the port timings are very mild.

Engine Port Timings
PortDuration (deg)

Engine Details
Comp Ratio6.5